Why Go Solar?

Switching to solar energy used to be solely for companies and individuals who wanted to decrease their carbon footprint.

Times have changed, and the price of solar panel systems for commerical enterprises is now roughly 1/4th of what it was 10 years ago. Solar energy can now be a vehicle for huge cost savings.

Benefits include:

  1. 30% tax credit (ITC) dollar-for-dollar, as well as bonus depreciation.
  2. Low maintenance solar panel systems that have zero moving parts.
  3. 25-30 year warranty on all components.
  4. ROI averages 4-6 years for commercial buildings.
  5. Cost savings- 25 year IRR approaching / exceeding 20% in many cases.
  6. Sustainability initiatives/ reducing your company’s carbon footprint.
  7. Demonstrates your company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, and improves marketability to current and potential employees.

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