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  1. 3 Significant Changes to the 2017 Made-in-MN Solar Incentive Program

    The Minnesota Department of Commerce recently released their Made-in-Minnesota incentive rate structures for 2017, along with new program changes.  The updates, as with everything surrounding the incentive recently, do not come without some degree of controversy. As expected, the production credits have decreased across the board. On the negative side, cash flows for new solar panel system proj…Read More

  2. Broadening Solar’s Impact in the Classroom

    November 22, 2016 Eric Pasi Business Development Director Innovative Power Systems, Inc. On November 12th Innovative Power, in cooperation with REcharge Labs, conducted its first ever Solar Schools Workshop in Minnesota. More than 30 educators were on hand at Mounds View High School to learn about the newest opportunities to incorporate solar into their curriculum.  Teachers experimented with so…Read More

  3. Community Solar Gardens

    6 Unbiased Community Solar Resources for Minnesotans

    If you’re a public official, landowner, or CFO in Minnesota chances are you’ve heard about Community Solar Gardens (CSGs) – you’ve probably heard A LOT about the program.  It’s impossible to swing a dead cat right now without hitting a “developer” or financier involved with projects around our state. There seems to be about as much bad information out there as there is good informa…Read More

  4. Rooftop Solar Panels

    Solar Cracks the Twin Cities’ Apartment Market

    Eric Pasi Admittedly solar isn’t necessarily the first thing you’d associate with desirable traits in an apartment building, in fact, it’s probably not in the top 20.  Counter tops, flooring, fitness centers, and community rooms probably sit atop the list of common interests for both apartment-seekers as well as owners.  But as the market becomes more and more competitive savvy owners are…Read More

  5. Solar Power Systems

    A Decade in Solar Power

    Eric Pasi It's incredible to think how far the solar industry has come in the last decade. When I started with Innovative Power Systems, just out of college in January of 2007, I was a bit naive to think that everyone should spend massive amounts of money to install solar panels. At that time in Minnesota, with more than a 16-year ROI, it really was more ideology than fiduciary.  But I'll alwa…Read More

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