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Xcel Energy SolarRewards Community® program

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25 Year Fixed Price Certainty with IPS Community Solar

  • No rooftop
  • No panels
  • No upfront investment
  • No maintainence
  • No surprises
  • No kidding.

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Do You Qualify?

Does your organization receive an electric bill from Xcel Energy?

You Qualify!

  • Businesses
  • Governments
  • Municipalities

  • Townships
  • Cities
  • Schools

  • Non Profits
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condo Associations

  • Any organization that receives an Xcel Energy bill

* For residential community solar inquiries please contact Bruce Konewko and Cooperative Energy Futures at 651-808-2242 or via their website 


Share in solar power

Participate in Minnesota’s Solar Revolution

History: In 2013 the Minnesota legislature passed the Solar Jobs Act allowing ratepayers to join centrally located solar projects to offset electricity costs.

How: You can subscribe to a portion of solar production by participating in the Xcel Energy SolarRewards Community® program through Xcel Energy and Innovative Power Systems. Your subscription allows you to benefit from solar installations located on nearby properties. Each month garden members earn bill credits proportionate to their subscription share, for 25 years.

Why: In return for the reduced bill a percentage of those savings are paid back to the garden for long term maintenance and deferred financing costs.

IPS makes it easy to join your community members in supporting local, renewable energy.

Site Hosts: We help design, organize, and build your solar garden array.

Ratepayers: We help size and arrange your solar garden subscriptions.

Your Community Solar Garden Potential


Innovative Power Systems helps organizations and homeowners understand their Community Solar Garden potential. We’re a local, employee-owned company supporting solar in Minnesota—and we’ve helped to develop, finance, and install more solar projects in Minnesota than anyone else for over 25 years.


Our commercial subscription rates offer 25-year savings of up to $1M with little to no money out of pocket! IPS Solar takes on the long-term maintenance and management of the array as well as operational risk. Contact us to learn more about how this program can benefit your brand.

A Quick Summary of Community Solar

What Is It?

  • A Community Solar Garden (CSG) is an array that is often placed on commercial buildings or open properties that are large in scale.
  • CSGs are placed in optimal locations for high amounts of sun exposure.
  • Arrays are routinely cleaned and maintained in order to keep the system running efficiently and at high capacity.

How Does It Work?

  • Xcel customers are eligible to subscribe to community solar gardens, typically with no upfront costs.
  • Subscribers must be located in the same county as the CSG or in an adjacent county.
  • Participants commit to a 25-year subscription agreement to a portion of the CSG and earn monthly bill credits based on system performance.
  • A portion of those savings are paid back to the garden operator separately.
  • Subscribers may sell or transfer their subscriptions to other eligible Xcel customers. If you move within the surrounding area, you can take your subscription with you

Why Join?

  • CSGs offer significant projected savings.
  • Subscriptions act as a hedge against rising utility costs.
  • CSGs are placed in optimal locations and are more efficient than rooftop installations.
  • Producing clean energy with solar helps protect the environment.
  • Local energy projects like solar help make the grid more resilient and less prone to brownouts or outages.

Too Good to Be True?

IPS Community Solar

Everybody likes a Win-Win. How about a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win? 

Too Good to Be True? Check it out.

Consumers Win
  • Businesses, Municipalities, Schools, Governments
  • 25 Year Fixed Price Certainty
  • No Upfront Costs
  • $ Savings Today
  • No Rooftop required
  • $ Savings as Grid Energy Rates Rise
Utilities Win
  • Help Utilities meet their mandated clean energy goals.
Landowners Win
  • Landowners make money from leasing land not suitable for farming or development.
Investors Win
  • Investors get to invest in solar.
  • Save money with Tax Credits
  • Make money with a safe investment
Environment Wins
  • Help lead the way to a cleaner, safer, healthier, and more just world.


Do you have space for an IPS Community Solar Garden?

• Set a Predictable Price
for Your Energy

• Capture Revenue from Under-Utilized Real Estate

• Become More Profitable

It’s a Great Idea for:

  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Governments
  • Landowners
  • Investors

Evaluate My Land

Evaluate My Roof

Why Choose IPS Community Solar?

  • We have the Capacity
  • Nobody installs more Community Solar in Minnesota
  • #1 Minnesota Solar Provider
  • Over 25 Years of Minnesota Solar Experience
  • Over 1,000 Minnesota Solar Energy Projects
  • No long wait lists
  • Multiple Solar Gardens in progress
  • Multiple Solar Gardens coming soon
  • No hassles or upfront costs
  • 25 Year Fixed Price Certainty
  • Optimally efficient power production
  • No business interruptions
  • Environment friendly
  • Take it with you when you move
  • IPS Solar customers can expect savings of 5-15% in the very first year
  • depending on your utility rate class and your electric usage.


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